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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Episode 181ish

There's another podcast in the vault for your listening pleasure. And what a pleasure it was. Paul Provenza was a comic I used to watch back in the 1980s on Johnny Carson. If you're not that old, you'd know him as the director/producer of The Aristocrats, the documentary of 100 comics telling the world's filthiest joke. He spent the hour with us on the phone from L.A. talking about all sorts of things: the art of stand-up comedy, his relationship with Jay Leno, and his love of Vancouver comic Daniel Packard, among other things. Speaking of Packard, he was with us in studio, adding to the conversation and revealing a new master plan. Suffice it to say he won't be on our show as much. But hopefully he won't forget about us.

The show, as always, is available on iTunes. When you download, write a review of the show, for the love of God! Good or bad, I don't care. Or listen to it right here:

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