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Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 28: Ian Bagg

On this final day of the Olympics in Vancouver, we've got a new visitor to What's So Funny?. Ian Bagg is a semi-local (he's from Terrace) who got his start here in Vancouver, but quickly moved to the States. A long time ago. Well, before I started covering comedy here, anyway. (We'll find out precisely on the show.) He still lives there but is back for the Olympics, huge hockey fan that he is. The guy is a true original and I can't say his name without saying it in his voice. Ian was going to be on the show last year but I got sick and had to cancel on him. Hopefully he won't get so drunk celebrating Canada's win (or mourning Canada's loss) in the gold medal hockey game earlier in the day that he has to cancel on me. That would be karma. But I don't believe in karma so I'm hopeful. It should be a fun show.

I've got some good shows coming up, too. Next week we've got Carter Hortie coming back, and the following week Matt Billon will make his first appearance on the show.

Meanwhile, enjoy some comedy from Ian Bagg, back on the old Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

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