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Monday, March 25, 2013

Podcast episode 309ish: Hari Kondabolu

The Hari Kondabolu episode ran a few weeks ago radio-side. If you tuned in, you might have noticed a couple glaring technical glitches. But the beauty of podcasts is all those snafus can be seamlessly edited out and you're none the wiser. So have a listen as the New Yorker and I get all racial and political. Prior to his week headlining the Comedy MIX in Vancouver, I had always assumed Kondabolu was a Seattle native. That's where I first saw him and met him. We find out the standup comic was just discovered in the Emerald City. Go figure, discovered in Seattle! If that doesn't provide inspiration to comedians everywhere, I don't know what will.

Click on the gizmo below or go to iTunes for the download and away you go.

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