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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Podcast episode 339ish: Shirley Gnome (with Dino Archie)

It's too bad I got sick the day Shirley Gnome was scheduled to drop
by the What's So Funny? studios. Last time she was on the show, I got a front row seat and private show for her cheeky and filthy songs. Not only are they funny, but she's such a good singer. But alas I couldn't make it in. Thankfully Dino Archie was able to guest host in a pinch. He says it was his first time, but that's not quite right. He once spent an episode interviewing me. I let him have full reigns. So I knew he could do it.

This is a fun episode. I listened to it. Not at the time, of course, because I was sick. But I heard it. They had great chemistry, although it might very well have been the alcohol. See if you agree. They talked about creepy fans, her recent foray into the Edinburgh Fringe, and they got in plenty o' slags at me. But why not? I can take it. And of course Shirley sings a couple of ditties.

Check it out. You can also find it on iTunes (eventually), Stitcher (now), and PodcastLand (now).

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