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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Apr. 27: Shirley Gnome

It's been two whole months since Shirley Gnome last visited us so we're overdue for another visit... Yes, that's a quick rebooking but the dynamic will be different this time. In February I was sick and couldn't make the show so Dino Archie kindly stepped up to the mic for me. As of noon today, I'm not sneezing uncontrollably and can talk so there's a decent chance I'll be there tonight. Shirley's got a show coming up at the Vogue Theatre on May 2. Hopefully she'll play us a tune or two on her guitar, as she always does. She's rather prolific so she's got lots to choose from. We'll see if she's cleaned up her filthy, filthy act.

Tune in tonight at 11 pm to CFRO, 100.5 FM, in Vancouver. Or livestream us at

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